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                                                                                                                    Words & music: Tom Lundén

                                                                                       It was long and lonely nights
                                                                                       When John and I became real friends
                                                                                       We were trying to breathe the darkness
                                                                                       Where the light of childhood ends
                                                                                       Parading near the criminals
                                                                                       Smoking on the stairs
                                                                                       Talking like philosophers
                                                                                       Discussing great affairs
                                                                                       We went to see the heroes
                                                                                        Of the magic pale spotlight
                                                                                        Dreaming of our own big band
                                                                                        Till the night began to run
                                                                                        From the daylight.

                                                                                        Now where are all the fires
                                                                                        We were lighting in the nights
                                                                                        And all the sacred visions
                                                                                        And the clear eyes out of sight -
                                                                                        And where are all the girls
                                                                                        We couldn't live without then
                                                                                        You saved me from a suicide, John
                                                                                        You were my best friend -
                                                                                        Do you remember when we both
                                                                                        Fell in love with sweet Marie
                                                                                        I was screaming on the beach that night
                                                                                        Crawling on my knees -
                                                                                        I was desperately jealous
                                                                                        Had no reason to go on
                                                                                         I declared a holy war
                                                                                         Against the lord for what he'd done -
                                                                                         And I hated you - I hated her
                                                                                          I hated all I saw
                                                                                          And I cursed her like a devil
                                                                                          And I cursed you a little bit more.

                                                                                          You were making your career
                                                                                          And I was going down
                                                                                          Keeping up the spirits
                                                                                          With the losers of the town -
                                                                                          You had all the manners
                                                                                          I was looking like a brute
                                                                                          You had all the dinners
                                                                                           I was running out of food -
                                                                                          And I guess I have been lucky
                                                                                          All the dreams I had came true
                                                                                          While you repair the broken dreams
                                                                                          When people come to you -
                                                                                            I saw Marie the other day
                                                                                            I ran away, I fled
                                                                                            There was no fire burning, John
                                                                                            Her eyes
                                                                                            Her eyes were dead.