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                breakin' out           cobweb       sleep walking man          john         keep on travellin'       I can't see you        power of a rose         changes          light         rosemary        autumn song


                                                                                                   Words & music: Tom Lundén

                                                                     I hear they look for you everywhere
                                                                     And your shadow is for sale -
                                                                     They've found the boys we used to deal with here
                                                                     Even the fat mans face grew pale -
                                                                     You know the guy with the scar by the eye
                                                                     One step aside, and he died

                                                                     Johanna says we're in trouble now
                                                                     Look for spiders by your side
                                                                     Up here they're tracing all the small dogs now
                                                                     I guess they'll blow us in a fight -
                                                                     Pack up your suitcase and mind the next step
                                                                     Too fast is too late in a cobweb

                                                                     Switchblades are shopping the brains these days
                                                                     I guess the horses will turn up -
                                                                     I'll give up business and get away
                                                                     Too many die before they stop -
                                                                     Think for yourself - I'm off tonight
                                                                     I wanna grow by the light