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                                                                                                                                                                                 Keep On Travellin´
                                                                                                                 Words: Tom Lundén & Gary Nicklin
                                                                                                                            Music: Tom Lundén

                                                                                Keep on travellin’ while you listen
                                                                                And be my friend today
                                                                                I can see your silence glisten
                                                                                And I thought I heard you say:
                                                                              "There's no ticket for this journey
                                                                               We're both strangers in this land
                                                                               We'll forget about the future
                                                                                Leave our footprints in the sand"

                                                                                We'll walk along
                                                                                We'll walk along

                                                                                Keep on travellin in the star shine
                                                                                There's a bridge between us now
                                                                                And the pictures of a lifetime
                                                                                Will show themselves somehow -
                                                                                We are travellin, we'll go further
                                                                                It rolls on eternally
                                                                                Through the endless fight and darkness
                                                                                All we want to be is

                                                                                Walking along
                                                                                Walking along














































                         keep on travellin'