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                                                                                                                       Words & music: Tom Lundén

                                                                                    You come to me with madness
                                                                                    With the crazy will of man
                                                                                    To tear the world apart -
                                                                                    You know my silent laughter
                                                                                    And my dry tears when I ask:
                                                                                  "What about your heart?"
                                                                                    And there's nothing you can't do
                                                                                    If you can keep that spirit high in your mind
                                                                                    And it's plain: we need changes
                                                                                    It's plain: we need changes
                                                                                    I'm not blind.

                                                                                    My heart is like a café
                                                                                    Where people come and go
                                                                                     Some find comfort here -
                                                                                    We read aloud from Shakespeare
                                                                                    Hamlet and The Tempest
                                                                                    Macbeth and King Lear -
                                                                                    We knit and cut relationships
                                                                                     Like wrinkled ladies by the scaffold -
                                                                                     And it's plain: we need changes
                                                                                     It's plain: we need changes
                                                                                     I'm told.

                                                                                     There's a darkness on the bridge between us
                                                                                     Nothing else exists
                                                                                     Beyond this empty room -
                                                                                     And I understand that love
                                                                                      Is on the market
                                                                                      Just like anything else we consume -
                                                                                      I woke up early in the morning
                                                                                     When a shadow fell upon my fight
                                                                                     And it's plain: there've been changes
                                                                                     It's plain: there've been changes
                                                                                     in the night.