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                                                                                                                                                                                        Autumn Song
                                                                                                                 Words & music: Tom Lundén

                                                                                Do you hear the night winds blow
                                                                                Do you feel the summer go
                                                                                 It is autumn I feel in my mind -
                                                                                 Do you catch the deadly song
                                                                                 It is winter coming on
                                                                                 It's the long and lonely night I can hear

                                                                                  I will gather friend and foe
                                                                                 Make my peace before I go
                                                                                  I can hear my last departing train -
                                                                                  I will give my love to you
                                                                                  Tell me what else can I do
                                                                                  Now I'm leaving with the wind and the rain

                                                                                  First in spring we fool around
                                                                                 Making noise, creating sound
                                                                                 And we try to win, and catch the wind -
                                                                                 Then in summer we feel proud
                                                                                 We declare, we boast, we shout
                                                                                 And still we are hunting the wind

                                                                                 But autumn comes too soon
                                                                                 And we find our fading moon
                                                                                 And sometimes we try to forget -
                                                                                  But winter catches the trail
                                                                                 And the light is getting pale
                                                                                 The long and lonely night is all ahead.














































                            autumn song