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                                                                                                                     Words & music: Tom Lundén

                                                                                 I've been searching in your eyes
                                                                                 I've been looking for your light
                                                                                 And I know the tide is turning
                                                                                When I can't tell wrong from right -
                                                                                Yes, forbidden fruit is juicy
                                                                                And I couldn’t hold my tongue
                                                                                If you hadn't been that dry to me
                                                                                I might still be hanging on

                                                                                But I saw a new light outside my window
                                                                                And I saw my love move on so free -
                                                                                Yes, I saw a new light outside my window
                                                                                And this light is gonna carry me.

                                                                                I know Lucifer is waiting
                                                                                In the loneliness at night
                                                                                And I feel his curse is on me
                                                                                When I'm facing his black light -
                                                                                But I want his bitter knowledge
                                                                                And my fate is in his eyes
                                                                                I'm strong enough to know by now
                                                                                I can feel my powers rise

                                                                                Course I saw a new light...