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                                                                                                                                                                                           I Can’t See You
                                                                                                          Words: Tom Lundén & Gary Nicklin
                                                                                                                          Music: Tom Lundén

                                                                              All around us soldiers marchin
                                                                              To their death in the dirt -
                                                                              Up above us black clouds formin
                                                                              Rumours Red Alert
                                                                              I can't see you
                                                                             Comin through

                                                                              Thought I heard our children crying:
                                                                            "War is comin."
                                                                              No more time for human rights
                                                                              You've no fights when you're running
                                                                              I can't see you
                                                                             comin through

                                                                             No one country truly wins a war
                                                                             So many suffer
                                                                             Build your shelters, friends are friends no more
                                                                             It's getting rougher
                                                                             I can't see you
                                                                             Comin through














































                            I cant' see you